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INS Email Archive

Brief Overview

INS E-Mail Archive

Simple & Affordable Hosted Email Archiving

INS E-Mail Archive is a fully hosted service that allows organizations to easily archive their important email messages to geographically distributed datacenters for subsequent search, reference, and retrieval.

Unlike most other archive solutions which generally require a significant capital investment or require the archive of email for all users within an organization, the INS E-Mail Archive service can be enabled either for a full domain or on a per-user basis.  The service requires no hardware or software, is highly cost-effective, and can be implemented in minutes.

INS E-Mail Archive is compatible with virtually any email infrastructure and helps organizations meet a wide range of goals -- including offloading their email infrastructure requirements, achieving regulatory compliance, preparing for litigation, implementing a disaster recovery plan, and securely capturing the intellectual property contained within an organization's historical emails.

As an optional addition to the INS E-Mail Security service, the service provides a single console for spam/virus protection, email continuity, and message archive.

Major features of the service include:

  • reliable, secure, geographically distributed storage of internal, inbound, and outbound email messages
  • customer-controlled email retention and deletion policies
  • Legal Hold feature to retain selected messages indefinitely
  • web-based message search capabilities
  • message tagging for categorization and clustering of messages
  • import and export tools
  • delegated access controls for stored messages
  • auditing and reporting of retention policy changes and other activity

As with other INS solutions, INS E-Mail Archive is billed via a pay-as-you-go model.  Customers pay only for what they use, with value-oriented pricing and no long-term commitment requirements. The service is available in a basic or premium version, based on customer needs for retention and storage allocation.

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